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Dear Friends , we are here to provide you an opportunity to become a Male Escort,
gigolo service,gay escort and call boy in bangalore to start a huge earning. Due to increasing
number of our clients we have started this hiring process to recruit some unemployed handsome boys.

Freshers are very welcome for our agency to start a JOB with big salary with independent time.

To become our member and To know more about us and our process ,
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Why should you join us:-

1.Our agency is operating this network since 2010

2. We don’t shares our member’s privacy to anyone.

3. We are not attending unknown clients
We are not attending LGBT clients. (L-lesbian , G-gay , B-bisexual , T-transsexual)
Candidate’s Eligibility:-

1.Candidate should know Hindi or English.

2. Candidate should be well mannered and descent.

3. Candidate must not be affected by S.T.D.(sexual transmitted debases)



1.If the information given by you is found to be wrong to any suspect , your registration will be cancelled.

2.If you will try to contact to any client or member after your job or without permission , your registration
will be cancelled.

3.If any complain comes from client regarding Blackmailing , Misbehave or Abuse , your registration will be
cancelled , without any consideration.

4.If any spywares like Camera , Voices recorder , Location tracer, GPS found from you at time of job, your
registration will be cancelled.

6.Only members can meet wth us
7 . We will not provide any client details before membership

Send Your Complete Bio-data and photos by WhatsApp

Name Age Height Weight penis size blood group eye hair body colour city state mobile no. And mail Id

Time passers Donot Contact us

Only genuine trusted serious minded person contact us.
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