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Special Body Massage (DTM) for Females (18-50) with Male Escorts Service for all girls women LOW PRICE - HOME SERVICE ONLY (केवल महिलाओं के लिए)

Provide Internationally qualified Deep tissue message & other satisfactory sex techniques which are learnt in Singapore.
Can provide to your home/bedroom SERVICE which IS ONLY FOR FEMALES
DTM deep tissue message to maintain body, enlarge small boobs to big, to make your hip up and thigh big, control saggy boobs.
Provide Sensational body care (removing of hairs form armpit, hand, leg and pubic area): all the stuffs are yours.
Can give full satisfaction sex in desired way to 18 to 50 yrs of women (girls, Bhabhi, Aunty, Widows)
One hour and full day service but not night stay.
For boobs sizing making small boobs to big and saggy boobs controlling message and exercise 1.5 hour a day for 7 to 9 days: all stuff is yours.
Full nude to nude Body massage 1.5 hours in a day
Semi nude body massage 1 hour in a day
Good and secret sex services for widows, Bhabhi, aunty, home alone girls, teen girls in your home or bedroom. not in hotels
Services are provided between 10.00 to 17.00 except Saturday and Sunday.

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