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The life is one and precious so enjoy at its fullest and even every given opportunity. Stop Thinking of things instead put them into actions

In life many people end their lives thinking I should plan ..I should do that ..I should do this..and they actually curtail their freedom of life by these ways of thinking. And they end up doing nothing but only thinking. The life is one and precious so enjoy at its fullest and even every given opportunity. Some skip the opportunities and regret later I would have opted for it and by that time they realize the option may not be available some time, even if available, it could not meet their expectations and again they skip and life ends same way with the most of us. Use the freedom in decent way by your provoking thought of mind. You swag and swag the whole life for somebody's future but did you ever thought of your part of life. You too have life ..desires..sexual feelings which you cannot control in long term. Even if you try and do that you would end up in some or other health issues. This is because stress in mind cannot be remedied by medicines instead by fulfilling your inner craving desires that is when your health too in well-being. Pose a while and think if I am wrong..feel free make good and decent friends who could be trustworthy ..confidential and release your emotional and sexual feelings with them by participating sex as its your hidden desire then you would feel light of mind and body..everything will look well..then only you would be also better concentrating on family and your wellness wishing people. You can mail me too on prasannavpk at gmail com if you need any help of suggestions or need me really to fulfill your desires. Rich women you can treat me as your slave..bandit..arrested in your cage..pole games..tie my hands and legs and treat me with your pussy the way you wanted. I am ready for you for anything you wish.

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