26 years | Transsexual | Bangalore | Electronic city
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Bangalore Mistress Seema Rani

You’re looking to explore BDSM, why not try the best Dominatrix Seattle has to offer?

I have an exquisite dungeon with every toy you can imagine, and some you can’t. I am an incredibly skilled Dominatrix, a creative thinker and a beautiful, intelligent woman who loves her craft. Doesn’t that sound like the person you want to share yourself and your new experiences with? I adore sharing the world of BDSM with newbies and expanding the minds of seasoned players like myself. I also consider myself a bit of a hedonist who enjoys the lovely things that life has to offer. Sound like fun? Delhi Bdsm Mistress

You have taken your first step towards a new reality by perusing my website. What brings you here? I can only presume that you’re seeking a highly skilled, experienced and devastatingly beautiful Seattle Dominatrix.

You seek an authentic connection with a dominant woman; A powerful seductress who will captivate you and draw you into her all encompassing world. One of fantasy, BDSM, fetish exploration and domination. You crave a dominant/submissive relationship where you can explore without judgement and discover a new part of yourself. Maybe even a new way of experiencing the world.

Perhaps you have experience with BDSM or maybe you have only had Fantasies. I invite you to explore my fantasy page to expand your mind. For extra credit, visit my intrest page and see if my proclivities strike a tune with you and inspire more fantasies of dominant women and BDSM.

No matter what brings you to me, it would be my pleasure to encourage your exploration of domination and the erotic underworld. Delhi Bdsm Mistress Seema

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